Jacob Almagor(non-registered)
Wow! It was like visiting Antarctica again (and Burma, and Sedona...).
Sheri Doe(non-registered)
I just love your work! I am also survivor and have enjoyed your work at Barnes! I did not realize that was your work until today!
Chris Kaufmann(non-registered)
Great website! Absolutely love the pictures!
Joan Prater(non-registered)
Your photography is truly beautiful! You encompass everything! Your landscapes are spectacular as are your patterns. You truly SEE!
Judy Pass(non-registered)
I love your photographs! Especially patterns.
John May(non-registered)
I'm so impressed! These are wonderful!
Jill Hirsch(non-registered)
Wonderful website! Truly artistic and very user friendly!
Paul Meyer(non-registered)
Stunning, Karen. Thanks for this gift to all of us.
Donna Rhoades(non-registered)
Karen, Unbelievable! I loved all your work, but, especially the wonderful faces of elderly men and women, innocent children, and the colors are all so vivid. Thank you so much for sharing all your travels with me.
Ulpu-Leena Suojanen(non-registered)
Nice photos, strong emotions!! T-J gave me this adress to see the photos! Thank you!
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