I find beauty in the abstract patterns of color, texture, lines and shapes in nature. I admire people and relationships and see patterns in the human condition, particularly in shared values and common challenges.

My career has been varied- a teacher of deaf students, an interior designer, an attorney and a human resources professional. My work has been centered on working with people in a wide variety of ways.

Travel has broadened my understanding of the lives of others. Wherever I travel, I see people providing for family, enjoying friends, working, celebrating and mourning; people who face everyday challenges with grace and wisdom, and people who face enormous challenges with courage and faith.

Photography allows me to capture and document the unguarded and relevant moments of everyday life that people everywhere experience. It allows me to bring these people home and to share their experiences with others.

Photography, like music, is a universal language. it is my hope that these photographs will help you respond to the interrelatedness of people everywhere and to the beauty of the natural world around us.