Laura Shoe(non-registered)
Gorgeous work, Karen - all of it!!
Leo Hirsch
I love you Grandma! I think your art is beautiful!
Jude Hirsch(non-registered)
Beautiful website. Grandma I Love you so much. Your truly a great photographer and very inspirational
Jacob Almagor(non-registered)
Wow! It was like visiting Antarctica again (and Burma, and Sedona...).
Sheri Doe(non-registered)
I just love your work! I am also survivor and have enjoyed your work at Barnes! I did not realize that was your work until today!
Chris Kaufmann(non-registered)
Great website! Absolutely love the pictures!
Joan Prater(non-registered)
Your photography is truly beautiful! You encompass everything! Your landscapes are spectacular as are your patterns. You truly SEE!
Judy Pass(non-registered)
I love your photographs! Especially patterns.
John May(non-registered)
I'm so impressed! These are wonderful!
Jill Hirsch(non-registered)
Wonderful website! Truly artistic and very user friendly!
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