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Devali Festival, DelhiGet Going,Mandawa, IndiaBoy in Barber Chair,Mandawa,IndiaSnack Time,Mandawa,IndiaWoman with Goats,Road to KhimsarRed Veil, IndiaBeing Blessed,Khimsar,IndiaThree Boys,Jaisalmer,IndiaWomen with Jars,Gadi Sagar Lake,IndiaWoman with Jar,Gadi Sagar Lake,IndiaAdorned with Silver,Jaisalmer,IndiaWashing a Jar,Gadi Sagar Lake,IndiaWoman in Window, Jaisalmer, IndiaWoman with Veil, Jaisalmer IndiaHoly Man,Jaisalmer, IndiaCamel Caravan, IndiaSunset Camel and Driver, IndiaSunset Camel,IndiaCamels and Drivers, IndiaPreparing Opium,Rohetgarh,India