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Misty Tree, South Island,New ZealandSacred Lotus Black and White, Missouri Botanical GardenEdge of Spring,Yellowstone National ParkAutumn In White Mountains, New HampshireAutumn Woods, MaineBirch Trees in Autumn, MaineBee on Flower, Shaw Nature ReserveBack Lit Palm, Big Island, HawaiiCactus,Big Island, HawaiiKauai, HawaiiLava Pattern, Volcano National ParkWater Lily, Missouri Botanical GardenHibiscus, Big Island, HawaiiLeaf Edge, Big Island, HawaiiInsect on Yellow Flower, Shaw Nature ReserveYellow Hibiscus, Big Island, HawaiiPalm Leaf, Big Island, HawaiiVolcano Mist, Volcano National ParkTulip Abstract, Mo. Botanical GardenLone Tree, Sedona, Arizona